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grants and scholarships for truck driving school

andi1 started this conversation

Does anyone know of grants or scholarships available to people applying for truck driving school?

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missjanie   in reply to woman in a shoe
Hi Elsie, glad to hear its at last over now. I know this had been so stressful for you, praying for better days ahead for you both, hugs
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woman in a shoe   in reply to missjanie
Well count over with now I had to pay at less its over with I am so tired I hope he does come home wed I don't know how much I can keep going like this
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missjanie   in reply to woman in a shoe
Will continue to send Prayers up for you and your husband, Hope to chat soon (((hugs my friend)))) xoxo
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woman in a shoe   in reply to missjanie
On my way to court now on samething my husband the something as two weeks ago will tell u more later hugs
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missjanie   in reply to woman in a shoe
Hi Elsie,I haven't been on in awhile, how are you, your husband, and court what's going on?
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woman in a shoe   in reply to myamari
Also nardo.g has not been on here sent 2013. But do get back to me on the ? s I ask u more information for u
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woman in a shoe   in reply to myamari
Hi get a hold of me on this site if I am not on I will still get your message with in 30 mins of u sending me the message. As of right now I got a ? for u do u know anyone with a truck? That they will let u drive? I will be waiting for u to get back to me
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myamari   in reply to NARDO.G
Need that training th wia program is not paying for low income.
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leggo52   in reply to daring
how do you get free training?
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leggo52   in reply to trip069
I need options for funding too. thanks
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I live in there grants available here for truck driving
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I'm already waiting for wia the be funded again ,do anyone know of another way to get into driving school for a person with no job?
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incog   in reply to poet 1228
" trouble on my mind ... Refuse to loose this time eradicated my ol life but they still wanna keep me behind" I'm a poet in a similar situation poet, I fill u poet America is the land of the beast, home of the slave.
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amazon woman   in reply to poet 1228
how do you apply for wia
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im looking for money to go to truck driving school please email me if yiu have any ideas!
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if there is anyone with information about how I go about applying for grants for truck driving school please let me no at (
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marlyn crowder   in reply to daring
I most definitely will I will give him a call
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marlyn crowder   in reply to Daniel86
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trip069   in reply to poet 1228
I am in a. Very similar cituation, i have found a couple of options for can email me at
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hygieene35   in reply to mr ed
Who's got 1200 hundred dollars hanging around to obtan a CDL. I got a wife and two kids. Even if you did get it, you BETTER HAVE THE "VITAL CHECK" BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Some states like Oklahoma DON'T accept "hostpital birth certificates from MICHIGAN. Only "VITAL CHECK" or a Passport. So there goes your truckdriving school and the money you spent on it. All because you didn't have the RIGHT birth certificate in Oklahoma.
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